The Prince of Wales by John Williams

The Prince of Wales

John Williams

Everything is changing in Cardiff. Former singer turned property developer Leslie St Clair has big plans to revitalise the waterfront and make a lot of money. Pimp Bobby Ranger now advertises her girls on the Internet and journalist Pete Duke finds himself single after seventeen years of marriage. A very Welsh page-turner with some colourful dialogue and vivid low-life characters.


What was happening to the city was rubbing out Bobby Ranger's life. Five years back she had a routine. It was simple. Get up in the morning, sort out your domestic business: shopping,whatever. Midday you'd hit the Custom House, get your girl out there on the street, working the lunchtime beat, while you sat inside having a laugh, game of pool. Back to the pub again in the evening. Then, as soon as your girl had made her corn, you'd head off, get something to eat-Red Onion, Taurus Steak House- then down the docks to the North Star, little club full of ship guys, lesbians, prostitutes and queers. Stay there chilling out, dance, fight, whatever.

  • The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh
  • Twin Town - the film

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