Cherries in the Snow by Emma Forrest

Cherries in the Snow

Emma Forrest

Set in New York this will appeal to lovers of chick lit. The outrageous opening grabs the attention - it's sexual explicit and definitely not for the easily offended. It even made me shudder. The rest follows an established and well-trodden path - girl meets man, man already has daughter, girl wants to be accepted by daughter. However, the entertaining background characters lift this read above the ordinary.

Then, during dinner, veggie burgers with tahini, I saw her picking her nose, digging away. I remembered my dad saying 'You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, you can pick your friend's nose.' Kids love my dad. I went over to her and stuck my finger up the other nostril, grabbed a bogie, and popped it in my mouth. I wanted to seem affectionate and close to her, and you can't get much closer than inside someone's nose.
She went bright red, her finger frozen in her nostril. Marley stopped breathing.
She looked absolutely stunned. 'Did you put my booger in your mouth?'
'Yep', I said cheerfully. She didn't cry. She didn't move.
I opened my mouth and revealed the little green slime on my tongue. 'Do you want it back?'
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Explicit sexual content