War Boy by Keif Hillsbery

War Boy

Keif Hillsbery

This story takes you into the dark side of drug use while showing you how real friendships can be developed even against all the odds. I was surprised by how quickly I got into it and how moved I was by it.

I'm just sitting here staring at the paper with my thoughts 2,000 light years from home when I feel a hand on my shoulders and I'm all 'Damn you'. Meaning me. Because I've got a sense about people close to me who I can't see as in this religion nobody gets the drop on me. So it creeps me out at first. But I relax my mind because the hand is Roarke's and he bends down forward with his arms around me to take the lyric sheet in his hands. Then suddenly from behind come arms bracketing his and Jonnyboy's fingers circle Roarke's wrists like handcuffs.
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