Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo


Don DeLillo

A satirical look at the contemporary American Dream, as personified by Eric, a 28 year old multi-billionaire. The surreal viewpoint of DeLillo, a master of the English language, ensures the reader spends a day with Eric that it will be difficult to forget.

Eye contact was a delicate matter. A quarter second of a shared glance was a violation of agreements that made the city operational. Who steps aside for whom, who looks or does not look at whom, what level of umbrage does a brush or a touch constitute? No one wanted to be touched. There was a pact of untouchability. Even here, in the huddle of old cultures, tactile and close-woven, with passersby mixed in, and security guards, and shoppers pressed to windows, and wandering fools, people did not touch each other.
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Explicit sexual content