The Last Family in England by Matt Haig

The Last Family in England

Matt Haig

See the world through the eyes of a dutiful and conscientious labrador and don't be put off if you usually find anthropomorphic stories too twee as this one has far more depth. Enjoy the accessible style and comic overlay but don't be deceived by them! This book packs a powerful emational punch which can catch you unawares.

When a wife becomes suspicious of her own husband, things have a tendency to descend into chaos. Henry had taught me that during one of my earliest lessons.

I decided to divert Kate's attention by jumping up and resting my front paws against her stomach. The strategy misfired. I was escorted, by the collar, to the utility room, where I was shut in, leaving Adam to fend for himself.

I could have barked, I suppose, but that would only have made things worse. The best I could do was stick my ear to the door and listen closely to every word.

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