The Disaster Tourist by Yun Ko-Eun

The Disaster Tourist

Yun Ko-Eun

A surreal thriller combined with a satirical commentary on modern capitalism, environmental exploitation and the nature of tourism. Yona works for a travel company organising trips to disaster zones, but when she ends up on one of their holidays to an island off Vietnam, she finds that things are not quite as they seem. An original and intriguing story that holds you in its grip as ever increasing danger draws it towards a climax.


By the time the old man had finished his sentence, Yona had already left the alley in a rush. Mui was not the place she thought it was. What Yona had seen during her Jungle trip was simple, unsophisticated countryside devastated by an old disaster, where 'one dollar' was the most popular phrase among locals. But the Mui she was walking around now felt like a theme park that wasn’t yet open. The old man hadn’t exactly felt threatening, but goosebumps dotted Yona’s arms.






























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