The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me by Suzanne Kingsbury

The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me

Suzanne Kingsbury

Haley Ellyson, sixteen and beautiful can have her pick of the boys of Houser Banks, Mississippi, but gets the hots for Fletcher Greel, the Judge's son. Fletcher's friend Riley is in love with a black girl and as the foursome hang out for the summer, you just know that it's all going to end in tears. This is a sweltering story that exudes racial, sexual and family tension, leaving you thirsty for more and wiping the sweat from your hands.


Jay Count Little Blind is quiet. His head doesn't quit the nodding and he stays like that for some time. He starts to speak so low Riley and I have to bend to hear him. What did you say? asks Riley. I said, what's the problem? Sir? says Riley. The blind man leans forward and gropes with his hands. When he feels Riley's thigh, he makes a fist and pounds it on his leg, hard to bruising. There's anguish in your voice, boy, he says. There's hell to pay for her from the sounds of it. Riley nods. Well, he says. He looks around at the cell and then back at the man. I'm a white boy. She's a black girl. And there's hell to pay for that where I come from.

  • To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
  • The Little Friend by Donna Tartt
  • Primrose Hill by Helen Falconer

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