Sacred by Eliette Abecassis


Eliette Abecassis

The love that Rachel and her husband feel and have felt for each other has little hope of survival when faced with the intransigence of their religion. A sense of hopelessness runs throughout at women's lack of power in this society. This novella is beautifully written and will bear re-reading just to experience the flow of language and the emotion it communicates.

We must pray. Do you pray? Do you fast? Do you repent? We must resolve to do our duty. You know the law. The sole aim of the life of a daughter of Israel is to carry Jewish children and to allow her husband to study. God created man to study, whereas woman was given abilities so that she should take part indirectly in the life of the Torah, by preparing meals, cleaning her home, and, above all, raising children. What other joy could there be for a woman?
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