The Remainder by Alia Trabucco Zerán

The Remainder

Alia Trabucco Zerán

Three young adults : Iquela, Paloma and Felipe begin a search. They are searching in Chile for Paloma's mother's dead body but they are also searching to 'find themselves'. This journey of self discovery is there but it is hidden amongst the prose and grandeur of the text. Trying to find the story was a bit like a bird trying to find the worm in the soil. You know it's there and when you find it, it's going to be interesting and juicy!

Our German giant suddenly gets all het up and fixated on the idea of finding Ingrid, dead Ingrid, and before I know it, it's a done deal! even Iquela agrees! and I suppose it's true that another dead person without a body is the last thing I need, and a few days away never did hurt anyone, what the heck Fraulein, I'm in, but you're paying, and don't forget that I'm only coming out of mathematical curiosity, and the German seems happy, albeit with a wicked glint in her eye, because the truth is she's enjoying all this fugitive business.
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