Sundowners by Lesley Lokko


Lesley Lokko

At first glance this seems another glitzy glamorous blockbuster about rich women. Look further and it's much more. The characters are so well defined and you want to get drawn into their lives. It has all the usual ingredients - glamour, intigue, heartache,loss and tragedy. But what makes it so different is the racial mix and the politics. You learn a lot about the history of South Africa and the end of apartheid which ups the enjoyment of the book by adding another dimension. A great read. Better than it looks.

Why had she picked up the blasted magazine? It had stirred up all kinds of unpleasant memories. Things she tried to forget.

But she couldn't. She walked off the plane with a strange sense of foreboding. Something in the magazine article had stirred up in her emotions she couldn't identify or understand. She ought to be angry - as angry as she had been with those Lovell people - but she wasn't. No it was something else. The bit about him wanting to go home every single minute of every single day had opened up something inside her, though she was damned if she could understand why. What did she care whether or not the arrogant assholes he remembered from schooldays could go back to South Africa?

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