Newton's Wake: A Space Opera by Ken Macleod

Newton's Wake: A Space Opera

Ken Macleod

This book delivers just what it says on the cover. Conflict on a grand scale, universe spanning, civilisation smashing with a huge cast and an even bigger story. If you are a fan of classic space opera and enjoy an author with a wry, irreverent sense of humour then this is for you.

The Hungary Dragon turned on several comms channels at once. The audio filled with American-accented voices, and the visuals with swift-shifting surveys of Eurydice and what looked like rapid-fire negotiation and exchange of contracts, in which kilohectares of land were being haggled over in acres of small print.
'What is online' said the ship with a rare stab at humour 'is America Offline. The farmers that Carlyle mentioned.'
'They're selling land to each other!'
'They are at least staking claims'
'But they have no right - this is outrageous -'
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  • The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke
  • Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card