The Swansong of Wilbur McCrum by Bronia Kita

The Swansong of Wilbur McCrum

Bronia Kita

Welcome to the Wild West and a cast of the usual suspects - settlers, famous outlaws and lawmen, whores and conmen inhabit these pages. But forget Little House on the Prairie, or Gunfight at the OK Corral; you’ll meet the Deadwood stage, but don't expect Doris Day to be on board. This life story of the hapless Wilbur McCrum, an engaging narrator and failed outlaw on the run, presents the Western in a new and comic light. Hugely enjoyable.

Dan figured there was enough money around for the two of them to be able to take some of it without doing much harm. They didn't mean to harm no one - Cal wouldn't carry a loaded gun, just in case, and it was no good arguing with him. He never said anything about a subject until he'd made up his mind about it.
Daniel did load his gun, but his eyes weren't too good - he needed spectacles - so he tried not to use it in case he killed someone by mistake. And me, I've had this squint since I was born, so I ain't never been much good with a gun, neither.
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