Telling Liddy by Anne Fine

Telling Liddy

Anne Fine

The Palmer sisters have always been close, they live in each other's pockets and have no secrets. Until Stella hears a nasty rumour about Liddy's new lover. Should they tell Liddy - and if so, who should break the news? What promises to be a chatty, cosy read becomes more and more uncomfortable as the family dynamics shift and the knives come out. Left me feeling glad I only have brothers!

'I don't know,' Bridie wailed. 'I just know that there is one. 'There's something special about getting married. That's why people do it for heaven's sake ... I mean, if she found out now that we knew this stupid rumour, I could stick up for myself and say I thought it really was for the best not to say anything. But if she were about to make promises - take serious vows - it would be different. I'd think, at that point, she really should have been told.' 'And you think she might think that too?' 'Wouldn"t you?' Heather shrugged. 'So that's the deal, then, is it? First sign of wedding bells and we tell Liddy?'
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