Easter Island by Jennifer Vanderbes

Easter Island

Jennifer Vanderbes

What is the mystery of the moai of Easter Island and why do they call to intrepid travellers? Elsa and Greer both search for answers in different decades but at what cost? It is a fascinating voyage for the reader as the author skilfully concocts a mixture of archaeology, anthropology, botany and travelogue adding a pinch of romance, betrayal and sacrifice. Like drinking a Pisco Sour - tangy and surprising.

Even in this 'land of dreams' she had felt the momentary anguish of solitude. And how could she not? The island was like a thing of myths, a fear made physical: solitude itself. And that perhaps was one of the reasons she'd come, to explore the geography of her loneliness.
  • On the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin
  • The Mystery of Easter Island by Katherine Routledge
  • The Conjuror's Bird by Martin Davies