Beasts of No Nation by Iweala Uzodinma

Beasts of No Nation

Iweala Uzodinma

A raw insight into the atrocities of African civil war, where a young boy's only choice is to kill or be killed. Forced to join the rebel troops as a child-soldier Agu tries to make sense of the horrific brutality he is caught up in. A haunting novel that's told in the first person from a child's perspective.

I am smelling food that they are cooking that is making me so hungry. What should I do? When we are killing people, their blood is getting all over the food we are stealing from them. It is getting all over the animals and vegetable. We are finding famer and his goat on the road and we are killing him. Now I am not knowing what is farmer and what is goat.
  • Translated Account by James Kelman
  • Waiting for an Angel by Helen Habla
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