Little Face by Sophie Hannah

Little Face

Sophie Hannah

After the birth of her baby Alice experiences feelings of unease which turn into nightmares. To make matters worse nobody listens, not even her husband. One week later both mother and baby have disappeared. This is a psychologically terrifying read which plays on every mother's greatest fear. I couldn't put it down until I knew the truth.

I hear her breathing through the door. It is a sound that I adore: high-pitched, fast, snuffly - a louder noise than you might think a tiny baby could make. I push open the door ....
The curtains are closed. I look down into the cot and at first all I see is a baby-shaped lump. After a few seconds, I can see a bit more clearly. Oh God. Time slows, unbearably. My heart pounds and I feel sick. I taste the creamy cocktail in my mouth again, mixed with bile. I stare and stare, feeling as if I am falling forward. I am floating, detached from my surroundings, with nothing firm to grip on to. This is no nightmare. Or rather, reality is the nightmare.

I promised David I would be quiet. My mouth is wide open and I am screaming.
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