This is Life by Dan Rhodes

This is Life

Dan Rhodes

Based in Paris, love at first sight is the norm in this scatty, madcap comic novel. Full of irony and dark humour, the author pokes fun at performance art and the French political scene, leaving you none the wiser about whether life imitates art or the other way round. You find yourself willingly suspending disbelief in this skillfully wrought, furiously paced farce.

He saw the baby first from the other side of the square. His eyes were drawn to the child, who was just waking up. There was something about him, about his serious expression and line of his brow that he found mesmerising. He was so absorbed by the sight of the boy that it was a while before he noticed the commotion surrounding him. The first participant he saw was the old woman, determinedly pushing the buggy across the square. And beside her, at first protesting, then trying to wrest control of the buggy, was the girl. The girl, the one he had been waiting for all his life. Until this moment he’d had no idea that he had been waiting for anyone all his life, but now he knew he had been, and here she was.
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