What About Me? by Kate Figes

What About Me?

Kate Figes

An entertaining and amusing read telling the year in the life of a menopausal mother and a teenage daughter from both their perspectives. A good one to enjoy on a hot summer's day with a glass of wine - it's not that taxing, but it will make you realise just how easy and uncomplicated your life is (unless, of course, you have a teenage daughter...).

Dear Diary,
Tuesday. Asked Mum this morning if I could stay the night with Ruby, AFTER Lola's treasure hunt, so there'd be more room here and they could sleep in my room and use my duvet. She looked a bit disappointed and said she'd think about it, so I threw a major strop on my way out of the door about how I'm always expected to help, and how much fun it was going to be for me to watch Bambi with a bunch of nine-year-olds, and I thought she'd be pleased to have me out of the way. By the time she came home from work she'd changed her mind........YESSSS......The guilt trip worked!
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