Misfortune by Wesley Stace


Wesley Stace

An abandoned, cross-dressing baby, an eccentric aristocrat and his ancestral country house set the scene for a novel of grand proportions. Reading this book was akin to watching a music hall matinee: the drama, comedy, costumes, songs and sweethearts. So settle down in your favourite chair and let yourself be entertained.

Lord Rose Loveall.
People would know soon enough. And why not a male Rose? After all, roses themselves know no differentiation of gender. If we introduced me to the world with enough style and a strong enough apologia, then others would accept it, too. What would be my Loveall epithet? This I could not choose. Just as there had been a Young, a Quiet, and a Bad, I might be the Lady Lord, the Female Lord, or even the Strange Lord Loveall. Time would tell.
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