Going Down by Kate Thompson

Going Down

Kate Thompson

Ella wins a holiday in Jamaica where she discovers the joys of scuba diving. Back home in Dublin she practises scuba and meets the love of her life. An easy, lighthearted read in which the reader learns a bit about scuba, Jamaica and the art of playing a mean fiddle.


She looked over to where Ferdia was sitting laughing with PJ, and started to do some more strategic thinking. So. He would be gone in the morning. He had a dive tonight. That gave her very little time to put her campaign into action. She'd just have to make sure she bumped into him in Sweeney's. That would be difficult if there was a session on. She knew from experience that men tended to get so wrapped up in the sexiness of the music and the whole session vibe that lovemaking was - paradoxically - sometimes the last thing on their minds. Hell's bells. If she wanted to end up in Ferdia MacDiarmada's bed tonight she was going to have to be very, very clever.

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