The Fairest among Women by Shifra Horn

The Fairest among Women

Shifra Horn

This page-turning narrative is an unusual tragi-comedy about earth-mother Rosa, who delights in all things sensual. Her astonishing life in post-war Israel is filled with textures and aromas and laced with bizarre interpretations of Jewish folklore. Read and savour it!

Rosa, who was becoming impatient, kicked off her panties and sent them flying over her head. The vast silk panties rose into the air, hit the ceiling and floated lightly down again, swelling like a silver parachute, until they landed on the golden frame of Joseph's portrait. Watching the flight with riveted interest, Rosa found herself looking staight into the eyes of her first husband peeping in astonishment through the hole for her leg.

'I can't concentrate with him looking at me like that ...' her new husband mumbled apologetically.

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Explicit sexual content