The Superpower of Love by Sophie Hannah

The Superpower of Love

Sophie Hannah

Not my normal choice, but great fun to read. Rather like an English version of Friends with five couples rather than three. When Matt and Lucy announce their wedding plans and Eve and Campbell separate, the group dynamics begin to disintegrate. Can Sim Purdy, soap-opera script writer, restore the status quo before the wedding of the century? Great British farce.

Eve, Neil and Imogen Salt sat at Eve's kitchen table drinking Lapsang Souchong from matching china cups. Neil said it tasted of ashtrays, but Eve had been determined to use her pink Wedgwood teapot, which meant they all had to drink the same thing. Her own first choice had been Earl Grey, but Imogen had asked if she had any Lapsang Souchong and it occurred to Eve that she did - Sim had brought round a packet ages ago, raving about it. Eve had stuffed it in a cupboard and forgotten all about it, but now was as good a time as any to sample it. She thought it was hilarious that this should be Imogen's favourite tea; how many twelve-year-olds had even heard of it? Eve liked the name, which conjured up sophistication and ceremony, but the taste took a bit of getting used to.
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