Eating Jesus by Elaine Marney

Eating Jesus

Elaine Marney

If you like your humour raw in tooth and claw then this is the book for you. All human life is here. Get down and dirty in the mean streets of Glasgow. Sex, incest, sectarian violence, murder, love - take your pick, and laugh and cry in equal measures.

When Carol heard she had been accepted for the Faculty of Law at Glasgow University her first thoughts were that she had an excuse to move out of the family home. After all, that’s what students did. But she found the West End of Glasgow a bit scary: in the pubs the toilet walls were full of graffiti about anarchy and lesbian sex. Not that she was against lesbian sex or anarchy and she’d never tried either, but it was an awesome world for an eighteen year old from Brigton to suddenly find herself immersed in.
Instead she moved into a multi-storey flat in the Gorbals, set aside especially for university students. The main attraction was that she knew her father would not go there, although he could have walked the distance from his home to hers in twenty minutes. Being Brigton born and bred, he disapproved of the Gorbals - too many Catholics.
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Explicit sexual content