Peripheral Vision by Patricia Ferguson

Peripheral Vision

Patricia Ferguson

Love in all its varieties (especially mistaken, unrequited and terrifyingly maternal) is the constant thread in this great big, immensely satisfying read. You'll need to concentrate as the narrative nips back and forward across years (never exactly chronologically either) as well from character to character but I guarantee it's worth it - unless you're completely uninterested in love that is!


But now he understood for the first time how very particular love might be. Or, perhaps, always was. To generalize it was in a way to belittle it. Though at the same time, firm ground shifted queasily beneath his feet: if love was particular it followed that it could also be limited, on occasion; or conditional; or perverse.

  • The Family Tree by Carole Cadwalladr
  • Careless by Deborah Robinson
  • Within Arm's Reach by Ann Napolitano

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