The First Woman by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

The First Woman

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

Kirabo is part of the first generation to begin breaking free from a class system in which men have total dominance over women and children. In this coming-of-age novel, she is shocked to find her beloved grandfather has a secret past that she could never imagine. And who is her mother? At times funny, very moving and always loveable this story will find a place in your heart. I loved it.


'All of you women will take Muka Miiro's side because she is the ringed wife, but - '

Kirabo's heart jumped; the whole village knew?

'It is not taking sides,' Ssozi's first wife said. 'Nsuuta is trespassing on her marriage.'

'Nsuuta was the first with Miiro. Muka Miiro snatched him right out of Nsuuta's fingers.'

'But he did not marry her, did he?' the first wife insisted.

'Where is the difference? She has always been his woman.'

The second wife was impatient. 'If Nsuuta is Miiro's woman, why are they sneaking around?'

'The church. Tsk, you joke with these Christians. Their hypocrisy is old and greyed. Miiro cannot take Holy Communion and sit between two wives.'

Kirabo eased away from the door. Her heart pumped so hard she was almost blinded.


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