Freak of Nature by Phil Whitaker

Freak of Nature

Phil Whitaker

Co-joined twins - two very different personalities. Mick and John may share the same body but their outlook on the world is very different. What amazed me about them is their ability to live such separate lives despite having one body and their acceptance of each other's lifestyle. Despite ups and downs, we witness their genuine love for each other. I really feel that if the twins were ever separated, thye would find it impossible to live without each other, such is their exclusive and exquisite bond. A truly breathtaking read.

Mick and I always get charged for two. No matter that we take up no more seat room than your averagely obese citizen, ticket sales executives throughout the British transport system, to say nothing of front of house staff in innumerable cinemas and theatres, take one look at us and promptly sting us for two full adult fees. The lass on the desk at the Coven was similarly unmoved by my appeals. No, it was of no consequence that we had just the one pair of dancing feet, to say nothing of a single patent oesophagus. If we wanted into the club - and at that point she'd cast a look of frank incomprehension towards Ariadne - it was three tickets we needed.
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