Doctors and Nurses by Lucy Ellmann

Doctors and Nurses

Lucy Ellmann

If Eddie from 'Absolutely Fabulous' were to re-write 'Jane Eyre' for Mills and Boon the result MIGHT be something like this. Except that Lucy Ellmann also has some important points to make about being plain and unloved in the 21st century and a WONDERFUL way with capital letters and exclamation marks. Enjoy!!!

Dr Lewis decided that one day he would indulge in vigorous sexual intercourse with this woman, making use of the front bottom and the back!
For the ANIMAL in Dr Lewis wanted to PEE in exultation at having found a new nurse - he planned to work her like a DOG. The animal in JEN wanted to grab Dr Lewis by the scruff of the neck, haul him off to a corner of her den and EAT him.
There was a good deal of common ground between them.
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Explicit sexual content