Voyage to the End of the Room by Tibor Fischer

Voyage to the End of the Room

Tibor Fischer

The cover blurb promises a funny, raunchy, and addictive novel about a one time stripper/dancer and computer graphics artist. However, this one's definitely an acquired taste and if you prefer a story with a traditional narrative this may not work for you. But if you're up for something more experimental - that will make you laugh - give it a go.

I consider Audley's offer. I decide to hire him. I'm doing it because I can. It's as much for the amusement as for the settling of the debt. I can see Audley's like Garba. He doesn't mind the unusual. He likes to go the extra mile. And he likes to be paid for it. Fair enough.
I ring him and we discuss the job. He's full of ideas.
'Do you want embarrassment, humiliation or total degradation?' he asks.

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Explicit sexual content