What Will Survive by Joan Smith

What Will Survive

Joan Smith

July 1997 and the death of a famous model in a Lebanese 'landmine accident' is frontpage news. This penetrating and sympathetic novel examines both personal and political relationships through the eyes of Aisha's family and friends, including her Tory MP lover. I thoroughly recommend this book but only if you're able to cope with the very bleak ending.

'Oh for Christ's sake, Iris, don't give me all that crap. If Aisha'd gone straight to Beirut, none of this would have -' A spasm crossed his face. 'I've given up with the Foreign Office. They just give me the official line - tragic accident but they shouldn't have been there, the website warns against travel in the south of Lebanon etcetera etcetera. According to Amanda the Lebanese government's no better. Now the hostages are free, the last thing they want is more publicity involving foreigners.'
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