Voices by Arnaldur Indridason


Arnaldur Indridason

Just give in and drown yourself in the dark side of life on the dark island of Iceland at the darkest time of year. This book just grabs you, chews you up, and spits you out at the end. You may be older and wiser for the experience - or maybe not?

Erlendur took the knife, examined it and thought to himself that Gudlaugr may have provided his murderer with the weapon that was used to kill him. Wondered whether that business about the stitching of his Santa suit was just a ploy. Whether Gudlaugr had expected someone in his room and wanted to have the knife at hand; or had the knife been lying on his desk because he needed to mend his Santa suit and the attack was sudden, unpremeditated and sparked by something that happened in the little room? In that case, the attacker had not gone to Gudlaugr’s room armed, not gone there with the purpose of killing him.
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