Not With Silver by Simi Bedford

Not With Silver

Simi Bedford

This ambitious novel deals with three generations of a family affected by the slave trade. Although an interesting story, the shifting timelines mean you will have to work hard to connect with the characters. However, once you get used it this, it does get easier and is worth the effort.

'Auntie! Auntie!' Oluremi came running into the enclosure where Lady Faloyan was directing her maids in clearing away the remains of the feast. 'Abiola's in trouble in the forest,' Oluremi cried, and Nafisat, working beside her mistress, gave a small scream. Lady Faloyan sank down on her haunches so that her face was level with Oluremi's. Taking the girl gently by the shoulders, she looked into her eyes. Abiola cannot be in the forest. He is responsible for a section of the firebreak. He knows how important that is, he wouldn't leave his post.'
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