Chalcot Crescent by Fay Weldon

Chalcot Crescent

Fay Weldon

Successful writer Frances Weldon might have expected an affluent retirement - but that was before the consumer bubble burst. Instead, at 80, she's dodging bailiffs with help from her politically radical grandson, and at the same time relying on her daughter's government connections for comforts such as coffee and rice. Frances's dead-pan memoirs bring a delicious sense of the absurd to this economically bleak alternative universe.

The Shock, in October 2008, and after that the Crunch, and then the Crisis, and the phoney Recovery, like the phoney war - and then the Squeeze and Inflation and now the Bite, and the rest is history, or the future - and Henry, misbegotten Henry, from the loins of Karl and the Dumpling's womb, who killed his mother by being born, for which I suppose I should be grateful, is at the door, and history begins to form again as future.
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