The Sun and Moon Corrupted by Philip Ball

The Sun and Moon Corrupted

Philip Ball

This book is a lot like having a Sunday roast... it tastes fantastic but you can only eat so much at a time before you need a rest! Don't be put off by the challenging scientific narratives or intense Eastern European history (which you don't need to understand to follow the story) and enjoy the quirky quest that unfolds before you.

'You know,' Wender told Neder, 'Schauberger claimed that E equals MC squared wasn't Einstein's doing. He said that a Professor Hasenohrl of the University of Innsbruck formulated this equation several years before. He said you can look it up at Innsbruck.'
'Is this right?' asked Neder. He was disconcerted to find that he had mixed feelings about Einstein being robbed of his glory.
'Einstein was smart in many ways,' Vender said. 'But he had his limitations. I worked with him so I know.'
Neder was not sure he had understood correctly.
'You say to me you work one time with Einstein? As scientific comrade?'
'Sure - though "comrade" is an interesting way to put it. This was in the summer of '51.'

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