The Right Madness by James Crumley

The Right Madness

James Crumley

If you are looking for a thriller with plenty going on, try this.

However, most of what is going on is very unpleasant. By the end, you will wonder if you really understood the plot. In spite of all the horror, 'CW', the 'hero', is quite an appealing character. The only light relief in all the mayhem is 'CW's' relationship with the two cats, Chloe and Charmaine.

I had a moment to think that, like many people, Mrs Ritter probably hadn't the vaguest idea how to hang herself. Too much slack in the rope for her weight. But when she hit the end of the slack, her head popped off with a sound that can't be described, one which I'll spend the rest of my life forgetting, and her body ploughed into me, a fountain of blood drenching me and the room. The head flew toward the other end of the room, tumbling into the shadows and the body's momentum blew me backward out the front door, in a cloud of blood.
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