Gloriana's Torch by Patricia Finney

Gloriana's Torch

Patricia Finney

Here is intrigue and a twist to a well known historical story, the stories of a group of people who get involved in the Armada. We may know the outcome, but the story throws up some interesting questions about how things were resolved. Plenty of atmosphere and action, but honesty and integrity too.


'Mr Becket, hear me out!' rapped the Queen and Becket fell silent again, glaring at the floor.
'You shall take Mrs. Anriques' ship, loaded with the guns of the latest shipment, but no powder of course... Guns are not our worst problem, Mr. Becket, for all Drake's fretting, we make more than all the Spaniards, Frogs and Butter-eaters do put together. When you have brought the guns to the Duke of Medina Sidonia, you, Mr. Becket shall use every art in your power to find out the truth of this third part of the Armada plan, this so-called Miracle of Beauty.'
Becket's jaw dropped. He tried to take a breath. 'You want me to join the Armada?'

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