Many and Many a Year Ago by Selcuk Altun

Many and Many a Year Ago

Selcuk Altun

Set mainly in Turkey (with a brief foray into Argentina) this book doesn't give up its secrets too easily. It is largely told through personal stories leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions and to piece together the whole. This has the effect of creating an enigmatic and curious aura to the book which does draw you in and keeps you thinking once you have finished.

Next morning?
The thousands of musical notes flying toward each other from the four corners of my bed and the warm spring-like breeze wafting against my body were making me uneasy. I feared opening my eyes would cause me to miss a fantastic show. I turned on my side carefully, as if I were protecting a precious gift entrusted to me. And then the sublime nature of my inner voice dawned on me. I'd been anticipating instructions from it in vain. It had turned away and departed. I realized, as my eyes slowly opened, I was a new man.
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