Lies by Enrique de Heriz


Enrique de Heriz

What a strange tale. As I read I became more and more fascinated by the way lies and truth became so entangled. Isabel, an anthropologist who studies death rituals, is believed, mistakenly, by her family to have died in an accident in the jungle. But what if she decides to remain dead? Wonderful stuff.

Many years ago when I discovered Julio's lie, I was afraid and saddened at the same time. I didn't feel anger or resentment, just the immense sadness that illusions leave behind when they evaporate. I was sad for him, sad about what that grotesque fiction implied, sad about the enormous effort it must have cost him to maintain his deception. And I was afraid for myself, for all of us, afraid to look in the mirror and find that my life was as unreal as Julio's tales.
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