The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

The Rabbit Back Literature Society

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

Teacher Ella is chosen as the tenth member of the elite Rabbit Back Literature Society but swiftly discovers nothing is as it seems. The founder of the society disappears in an indoor snowstorm, words rearrange themselves in books and no-one wants to talk about the boy rumoured to be the original tenth member.
This intriguing book is a very grown up fantasy about writing and reality.

... just as Laura White is coming down the stairs, there is a sudden snow flurry in the house. It lasts at least thirty seconds, at most three or four minutes. When it finally subsides, there is no sign of Laura White.
The snowstorm that appears in the house rushes from room to room. It strikes people's faces and leaves a mark. It tears clothes and draperies and breaks household articles. ....The storm slams into people, flings them around, forces its way into their clothing. It blinds them, fills their consciousness with its furious howl. Some try to use others for protection, some hide behind furniture or under carpets. All the doors and windows of the house burst open. The window panes shatter. The curtains float into the dark winter night as if the house were saying goodbye to a lover.
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