The Observations

by Jane Harris

Young Bessy Buckley finds work as a maidservant on a country estate in the Scottish lowlands in 1863. She soon finds that her cosy berth hides some very strange and sinister goings on. Her mistress is not what she seems. A humorous modern take on the gothic mystery complete with attics and asylums. What will last in your mind though is Bessy's voice ; her wit and energy make this a unique page turner.


Of course to begin with I had simply wanted to scare the mullacky out of her. And why not, I ask you? Why not indeed, you reply. Well I'll tell you why not. She had misled me and betrayed me and took advantage of me and poked around in my past, moreover she had said some rotting things about me in her scutting book, about my appearance and how I followed her about like a Tantony pig, all this. It seemed to me that a small fright or two here or there was not overmuch to ask in the way of retribution. It was only a cod so it was. And boys oh dear, was it not a lark to see her looking so thrilled and nervy! Every door that banged she leapt about 6 foot in the air.


In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

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