The Other Woman's Shoes by Adele Parks

The Other Woman's Shoes

Adele Parks

A very light but enjoyable read. The story of two very different sisters and their relationships. Martha, perfect wife, two children, whose husband just decides to leave, no explanations, he's just no longer in love and Eliza, scatty, scruffy and sexy who leaves Greg because he is all of those things too , and she wants reliability and a pension! It's a good read and definitely romantic and funny.

But Martha couldn't tell anyone. She felt such a failure, such an idiot. She didn't even know why he'd left. She didn't understand it. She knew she wasn't perfect, but who was? She'd always tried her best. Tried so damned hard. They'd said 'until death do us part'. They'd said 'for better, for worse'. She'd meant it. Surely if the worst they'd had was a few sleepless nights and a bout of colic they should have been able to get through this.
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