Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland

Gunshot Road

Adrian Hyland

Aboriginal Community Police Officer Emily Tempest investigates a murder - but this is no mere police procedural, it is also about living in the outback, the oppressive heat and the lot of the Aborigines. Told with wit and with a charismatic and impulsive heroine this is a hugely enjoyable read.

There was a bloke with a face like a dried waterhole in a lean-to near the office; the lean-to was rickety, its occupant ricketier. He appeared to be grappling with a post-modern sculpture - a thing of plastic slats, aluminium tubing and garish green bolts. He pushed on with his task ... he seemed to speed up, although on closer inspection it was only the shakes that accelerated - he was still getting nowhere, but getting there faster.
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