Consolation by Michael Redhill


Michael Redhill

Two books for the price of one! If you enjoy historical novels, this is one for you - and if you like a modern family drama, then this is also for you. The dual narrative shows how past and present interact, affecting not only how we look at the world, but also the way history impinges, day-to-day, on our lives. In this fusion of history and geology, Michael Redhill reveals a truly novel way of tracing the fault lines in family conflict.

John had discovered the odd fact that his mind (perhaps most minds) was attuned more to horizontal measures than it was to vertical ones. Car lengths, street widths, kilometres per hour - all of these were units that made absolute sense to a life lived on a flat plane. Time was linear: it went forward and back. But up and down was organic, it was growth and decay, it was time as experienced by vegetation. It was history itself.
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Explicit sexual content