Love Marriage

by V V Ganeshanathan

Set predominantly in Maine, New England, Yalini sets the scene for her family story. Both the narrative and Yalini's life ebb and flow through timelines and events – from a Sri Lankan past to an American present. A bright and well educated girl, Yalini seems at odds with herself and feels keenly the conflict of her dual culture. Is she a Tamil or a US citizen? She loves elements of both. A deeply poignant and utterly believable read.


When I woke up in the middle of the night, I had to pass the household shrine to get a glass of water. I was sure that the eyes of the gods moved, following me as I walked across the hall. Many-armed Lakshmi looking at me. I held my breath as I passed them, the way that superstitious Americans hold their breath when passing cemeteries. In the years since, this became unconscious and constant. My mother sometimes asked me why I was holding my breath. What was I waiting for? What was I so afraid of not finishing? Was I being watched. The gods were watching me, and they did not approve.


Sri Lanka in the Modern Age : a History of Contested Identity by Wickramashinghe Nira

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