The Snow Line by  Tessa McWatt

The Snow Line

Tessa McWatt

A beautifully written, meditative story of identity, belonging and love. Though shifting perspectives and time slips can be disorientating, the real power of the novel lies in its keenly observed and evocative sense of place. Weddings have a knack of throwing unlikely people together and although there's not much in the way of a plot, I found this a surprisingly suspenseful and emotional read.


She would like to tell him about her family, how strange it is, how out of sync it is with everything Indian, everything British, everything American. She wants to tell him about her mother, how she was not a silent mother on the sidelines, but made herself appear so. She wants him to know that she is not confused at all.  She is all these things and should not have to choose one. The wind brings clouds in front of the sun and the air feels damp.

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