Sex and Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido

Sex and Stravinsky

Barbara Trapido

One story seen through the eyes of several of its characters which really allows the reader to put themselves into the lives of the people involved - you feel their emotions and thoughts. What never ceases to amaze me is the way in which an author can create stories which interweave between countries thousand of miles apart and how circumstances that happen in your life can change you as a person. Lovely thought-provoking book.

Before she visits the hospital that day, Caroline spends an hour on the phone. She deals with the matter of the monthly allowance, cancelling the standing order from her own bank to her mother's for an amount that, until yesterday, she had always wished could have been larger. Then she taps in the number of her mother's TeleBank. She follows this with the security number and the sixteen-digit number on the front of her mother's debit card. Bingo! Open Sesame!
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