The End of the Alphabet by C S Richardson

The End of the Alphabet

C S Richardson

What would you do if you were given only weeks to live? Ambrose and Zappora's answer is to revisit cities which have meant a lot to them during nearly thirty years of happy marriage. A series of vignettes, some funny, some poignant, build into a touching, satisfying portrait of two loveable people. I loved this elegant little gem.


Everything Ambrose Zephyr knew about cuisine he learned from his wife. He was allowed in the kitchen, but under no circumstances was he to touch anything. He was a courageous eater, save Brussels sprouts and clams. His knowledge of wine was vague and best defined as Napa good, Australian better, French better still. Kir royale was his drink of occasion. For an Englishman, he made a poor cup of tea.

  • Any book by Penelope Fitzgerald
  • In the Springtime of the Year by Susan Hill

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