Moonshine in the Morning by Andrea McNicoll

Moonshine in the Morning

Andrea McNicoll

Is village life the same the whole world over? Gossip, rivalries, ambitions, fears, gambling, superstitions, liaisons, treachery, loyalty, friendship - the whole human condition can be found in this little village in northern Thailand, struggling to come to terms with modern life. And the crisis comes when the banyan tree develops a nasty case of mould. What happens? Well, there is only one way for you to find out.


He had gone to sleep on his back, snoring, and dreamt that his wife was poking him in the ribs to make him turn over and shut up. Uncle Nun rubbed his eyes and looked over at the bedroom windows, the shutters open to let the night breeze blow cool. He blinked. A white shape seemed to shine in the darkness outside.

  • This Same Earth by Kei Miller
  • A Scots Quhair by Lewis Grassic Gibbon
  • The Good Earth by Pearl Buck

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