The Incomers by Moira McPartlin

The Incomers

Moira McPartlin

Ellie is confused by the strange culture that she encounters in her husband's home country - 1960s' Scotland. It's nothing like her West African village. No kola nuts. No Jollof Rice. No foraging for food. And it rains all the bloody time! What is she to do? She takes the bull by the horns, and then her baby is stolen .... A gripping story about the compromises we all make to live where we find ourselves.

She is expected to jump and welcome him, she wants to jump and welcome him, but something is holding her down in this cold bath. If she gets up she will have to tell him. She ducks her head in the water and remembers the time Sister Theresa kicked her into the deep swimming pool because she refused to dive in. Deep water terrifies her, it always has. Witches float, Sister Theresa had told her. Satan will not let them drown.
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