Iceland by Jim Krusoe


Jim Krusoe

Don't let the look of this book put you off reading it - contrary to appearances, it is a compelling tale of a man's search for his one true love. I found the offbeat telling of this fantastic story, with its many digressions and distinctive style, strangely compulsive reading.

'Good morning,' he said, 'My name is Sonny and my friend here is Dane. You look to be in some difficulty. If you wait for a moment we will wrap you in the emergency survival blanket made of quilted aluminium on one side to hold in the heat, and black, marked with yellow stripes so as to be easily seen from the air, on the other, which I happen to have with me. Actually, it is not at all surprising I have such a blanket because the laws for Iceland require each citizen carry one with him or her at all times. By the way both Dane and I are professional outdoorsmen so we take no notice of your nakedness.'
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