Little Siberia by Antti Tuomainen

Little Siberia

Antti Tuomainen

You will feel cloaked in the winter chill as literal and figurative bolts from the blue turn your life upside down. A bizarrely inventive, zany plot is deliciously toxic as well as full of dark humour. Moral conundrums drive the subtext where moments of introspection are as important as the visceral action.

The room is quiet, I am alone, and on the wall the Redeemer sends me a message. The message is that all is already forgiven. It is hard to square that thought with reality, here on a freezing day in a small village in eastern Finland, a day when I have slept badly and lost sight of the meaning of life.
I regret my actions, and yet I do not.
I have embarked on a path, the end of which I do not know.
And if I do what I have planned to do, nothing will be the same again. That said, nothing is the same any longer.
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